Irish Field Archery Federation

The home of Field Archery in Ireland

Archers from other organisations

All Irish Field Archery Federation run shoots are open competitions, Archers from other archery organisations are more than welcome to join in the fun.

If you are looking to join IFAF and are already are a trained archer, you can do so using the other association membership form found on the membership page. You do not need to go through the Basic Training Program but you do need the sign off from a current IFAF member and take part in a Walk-up round of targets or an open competition. This is just to make sure you can shoot safely and know the basic rules/etiquette – they can differ from organisation to organisation.

New Membership Rates

Membership Category:Full Year (Aug 1st-> July 31st)Half year (Jan 31st-> May 31st)End of year ( June 1st -> Aug 1st next year, 14 months membership)
ADULT (17+)€35.00€17.00€35.00
JUNIOR (13-16)€20.00€10.00€20.00
Cub (up to 12)€20.00€10.00€20.00

Differences between guest and full-members

  • A guest archer must bring evidence of their membership (e.g. current membership card) and present it at registration.
  • Insurance Cover restrictions
    • Guest archers are covered under IFAF’s Public Liability policy.
    • Guests do not have Personal Accident cover under IFAF’s policy, it must be provided through the insurance of the association of which they are a member.
  • A guest archer cannot set IFAF Records at any competition or receive perpetual trophies at the National Championships.
  • A guest archer cannot recieve Gain awards.
  • A guest archer will not be included in the national league.
  • A guest archer cannot register for International IFAA competitions.
    • The International Field Archery Association (IFAA) differs from World Archery in that there is no selection criteria. All members can enter any international competition (including World and European championships) – It makes a great holiday.