Irish Field Archery Federation

The home of Field Archery in Ireland

Membership Benefits & Fees

IFAF’s Membership year runs from 1st August through to 31st July.
New members joining after January 31st pay the half-year fee whilst those joining in June/July should pay the full, Annual Fee to be covered until 31st July of the following year.  

To download the appropriate application form go to the Membership page.

New Membership Rates

Membership Category:Full Year (Aug 1st-> July 31st)Half year (Jan 31st-> May 31st)End of year ( June 1st -> Aug 1st next year, 14 months membership)
ADULT (17+)€35.00€17.00€35.00
JUNIOR (13-16) €20.00€10.00€20.00
Cub (up to 12)€20.00€10.00€20.00


But what do you as a member get from IFAF

With regards to archery and taking part in the sport we offer:

  • an introduction to the sport through have-a-go events and beginner’s courses.
  • records, badges, and awards.
  • guidance and coaching.
  • safeguarding.
  • a sporting structure.
  • Competitions.
  • governance.
  • support and advice.
  • insurance.