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Garda Vetting Process

All coaches coaching for IFAF must be Garda Vetted, (this is a requirement under Irish law), and only coaches that have completed the vetting process will appear on the official IFAF coaches list on the website.

To help new and existing coaches understand the process this is a basic step by step guide.

Step 1

A person wishing to become a coach must first apply for a coaching course using the online application form on the IFAF website.

Step 2

Once the Head Coach has assessed the application and approved an application, he/she will contact the IFAF Vetting Officer, to request that a vetting invitation is sent to the applicant.

Step 3

The Vetting Officer will then email the applicant a NVB1 form (vetting invitation) and a vetting ID information sheet.

Step 4

The applicant will need to fill out the form (using only blue or black ink), in clear and legible writing and return this along with at least 2 forms of ID as indicated in the ID information sheet.

Step 5

The Vetting Officer will then submit the information to CVC (Cork Volunteer Centre), who will check the information to the Vetting Bureau.

Step 6

The Vetting Bureau will then send a link to the applicant to the online vetting, you have 30 days to complete the online vetting before the link expires.

Step 7

A vetting disclosure will be sent to the Vetting Officer once the vetting checks are completed.

Step 8

The Vetting Officer will email the vetting disclosure to the applicant.

The vetting process usually takes around 2 weeks, but during high demand periods it may take longer.