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Gain Awards

We all like to be rewarded for our achievements. Here you’ll find all you need to know about the awards that can be gained as your performance progresses.

As you start attending shoots, your score will improve. when your score reaches above a threshold you will be awarded a Gain Award. the tresholds vary depending on bow style, shooting division, competition type, etc.

Gains are benchmark scores related to IFAF records or IFAA records in the absence of an IFAF record. Each Gain recognises and rewards different levels of ability relative to the current record:

Bronze: 50%

Silver: 70%

Gold & Hotshot: 80%

Star: 90% 

For example, based on bow-style, division and age on archer would need to achieve a score of 222 twice in an UAR round to be awarded a Bronze gain award but another archer may need to score at least 278, twice, to be eligible for a Bronze Gain in their category.

Gain Awards

Award presented for attaining two (2) scores in the same Gains range for a given discipline;

Field Rounds (field,hunter,marked animal, international and expert field)

IFAA Animal (unmarked animal, 3D standard and one arrow hunting)

SBG (Standard Big Game). 

3 classes of Gain award are available; Gold, Silver and Bronze.


Award presented for attaining eight (8) GOLD Gain Scores in total for a given discipline (x3 Gold Gain Awards plus 2 more Gold Gain scores).


Award presented for attaining two (2) STAR Gain Scores for a given discipline. STAR Awards are only presented after the HOTSHOT has been attained. 

STAR Gain scores can be downgraded to GOLD Gain Scores where Gold Gains are needed to receive GOLD Award(s) &/or HOTSHOT.