Irish Field Archery Federation

The home of Field Archery in Ireland

Beginner Training Schedule

  1. Introduction – What is field archery? IFAF, IFAA, clubs, events, travel and costs explained (and the social aspect of the sport!)
  2. Explain this schedule and its importance. Outline the IFAF Child Protection Policy
  3. Choice made for left or right handed shooting via eye dominance test and/or whichever is preferred by trainee.
  4. SAFETY inc. don’ point bow at anyone, dry fire bow, shoot at anything but a proper target. Safety procedures and signals to suit training circumstances.
  5. Personal Equipment: Suitable clothing and footwear. Armguard. Tab/glove/finger saver. Chestguard
  6. Draw-practice on low poundage bow. No arrow. Stance and anchor practice, both eyes open.
  7. More draw practice but with arrow (trainer loads). Med release or other. Cock fletch
  8. Loading the bow. Shooting very short range. Aiming and adjustment method.
  9. Brief theory on how a bow works, poundage and draw length etc
  10. Read safety rules Pg 3 and 4 of Handbook. Learn arrow and recurve bow components
  11. Equipment needed for participation in Field Archery. What, when and how to buy and in what order.
  12. Shooting the range – the experience i.e. “Have-a-go”. Short distances. Varying the stance. Making the shot. Correct methods of draw (high-draw not allowed)
  13. Demonstrate equipment checking. Using a bow stringer
  14. Shooting at longer distances. Trajectory. Other aiming methods including sights. Explain and if possible demonstrate and practice.
  15. Briefly, the meaning of bow tune and arrow spine preferably with demo
  16. Bow types and characteristics. Long, flat, recurve, Mongolian, compound. Use actual bows or pictures. Styles of shooting IFAF, IFAA
  17. In group of 3 or 4 supervised. Walk-up round of X targets. All aspects of the procedure (not distances!) to international standard. All shooting rules, safety rules, etiquette and scoring. Instructors see Appendix for guidance