Irish Field Archery Federation

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New Membership

Before being accepted, any new member must submit a training schedule initialed by themselves and their trainer.

The Training Schedule and Appendix to the Training Schedule, for Instructors, can be found on the Documents page under ‘Training’

New members joining after January 31st pay the half-year fee whilst those joining in June/July should pay the full, Annual Fee to be covered until 31st July of the following year.

New Membership Rates

Membership Category:Full Year (Aug 1st-> July 31st)Half year (Jan 31st-> July 31st)
ADULT (17+)€35.00€17.00
JUNIOR (13-16) €20.00€10.00
Cub (up to 12)€20.00€10.00

Members of other Associations

New members belonging to or recently belonging to other recognised archery associations do not have to go through the Basic Training Programme but must be familiarised with Step 17 of the Programme, be supported by a current member of IFAF and complete the appropriate application form:

Membership Payment

Postal payments

Postal payments by Cheque, Bank Draft or Postal Order  must  be made out to    “I.F.A.F. CLG”. New membership applications must use this option to assist with administration and reconciliation of payment with the new applicant(s).  Payment must accompany all applications. All Applications forms must be sent to the Treasurer.

IFAF’s bank details for EFT payments are available on the Membership forms.