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IFAF National Champs 2022

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16-17th July 


16/07/2022 UAR 3 arrow x 28 3Ds.

Hot food available to purchase on the day and soft drinks and water available. Saturday night will come to life with plenty of musicians and crack, BBQ available that for campers.


17/07/2022 UAR 2 arrow x28 3Ds.

Hot food available and drinks.

Raffle, teas and Coffee and finally awards presentation. We may come up with other ideas for Saturday night’s entertainment. Also local B&Bs available for weekend.


10€ Adult

5€ under 18

per day

20€ Adult

10€ under 18

weekend rate


X91 EC80 Waddingstown, Co. Kilkenny

Sign posted


Ivan 0862680194

Diane 0876177551

Daniel 0872218297

On-site Facilities

Hot food and drinks

Tea and coffee

Toilets on site

Camping available

You can come Friday evening 15th to set camping in the field there will be toilets and a marquee for everyone to gather and sing and BBQ your food or get the chipper or Chinese to deliver.

Other information
Anyone that wants to sell archery items please put your name and number on a sticker on your items.
There will be a raffle!
Covid regulations will apply both days.
Keep your distance, pull your own arrows, bring your own sanitiser.
DO NOT travel if you feel unwell or have been in contact with someone with Covid in the last 14 days.

The Members of the following organisations are eligible to compete at an IFAF shoot, as a guest:

1) All organisations affiliated to the International Field Archery Association (IFAA)
2) All organisations affiliated to World Archery
3) ITFAS – Irish Traditional Field Archery Society
4) SIFA – Society of Irish Field Archers
5) NFAS – National Field Archery Society
6) CBIE – Cumann bua Instinctive hEireann (Irish Instinctive Archery Association)

Guests at the National Champs are not eligible to

  • be awarded a Perpetual Trophy, should there be one for their category
  • claim an IFAF Record
  • receive incentive awards such as Gains or League points

REMEMBER: Members of the organisations listed are eligible to compete at IFAF event as ‘guests’. A guest archer must bring evidence of their membership (e.g. current membership card) and present it at registration.

Guest from other organisations are covered under IFAF’s Public Liability policy. There is no Personal Accident cover provided to guests, they must have their own insurance through the association of which they are a member.