Irish Field Archery Federation

The home of Field Archery in Ireland

IFAF National Champs 2021


Killygarry Archers

17-18th July 


Day 1.    2 arrow 3D standard round 
Day 2.    1 arrow hunting round 
10am start both days
Bow check both days
Speed check for compounds 

Free entry for all IFAF members (‘Covid refund’)
€10 and €5 per day for non-members
Please use online registration form at the bottom of the page

Pullamore Far, Cavan, H12 A0H1
Sign posted 
Contact Sean on 086 3434034

On-site Facilities
Hot food and drinks
Tea and coffee
Indoor toilets for ladies only
Porta-loo for gents

Amenities & Accommodation
McDonalds 5 minutes from shoot
Hotel Kilmore 049 4332288
Cavan Crystal 049 4360600
Farnham Estate 049 4377700
Farnham Arms 049 4332577
Farnham House 087 1821554
Cherville B&B 049 4372855
King’s B&B 0877771509
Camping available please ring Sean to confirm

Other information
Anyone that wants to sell archery items please put your name and number on a sticker on your items.
There will be a raffle!
Covid regulations will apply both days.
Keep your distance, pull your own arrows, bring your own sanitiser.
DO NOT travel if you feel unwell or have been in contact with someone with Covid in the last 14 days.

The Members of the following organisations are eligible to compete at an IFAF shoot, as a guest:

1) All organisations affiliated to the International Field Archery Association (IFAA)
2) All organisations affiliated to World Archery
3) ITFAS – Irish Traditional Field Archery Society
4) SIFA – Society of Irish Field Archers
5) NFAS – National Field Archery Society
6) CBIE – Cumann bua Instinctive hEireann (Irish Instinctive Archery Association)

Guests at the National Champs are not eligible to

  • be awarded a Perpetual Trophy, should there be one for their category
  • claim an IFAF Record
  • receive incentive awards such as Gains or League points

REMEMBER: Members of the organisations listed are eligible to compete at IFAF event as ‘guests’. A guest archer must bring evidence of their membership (e.g. current membership card) and present it at registration.

Guest from other organisations are covered under IFAF’s Public Liability policy. There is no Personal Accident cover provided to guests, they must have their own insurance through the association of which they are a member.

National Champs Registration Form

Current membership number required from Members and Guest archers
Please confirm the day(s) you will be in competing.
Young Adults can shoot as Adults if they so chose. Archers who are 55 years of age on or before the first day of the competition can choose to shoot as Veteran or Adult. Those aged 65 years of age can choose to shoot as Senior or Veteran or Adult. The choice is always optional and is not binding on subsequent competitions. Note, proof of age may be sought for a competitor in any division other than 'Adult'
Archers must check the requirements of their bow-style using the IFAA's rule book for all styles except IFAF-TR which is described in the IFAF Handbook.
Providing CLUB details helps support IFAF administration of Gains, Records and the League. Knowing where GUEST archers are from provides helpful information on IFAF's "Open Shoot" policy.