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EFAC 2019

Last week (5-9 August) four members of IFAF competed in the IFAA’s European Field Archery Championships in Doorwerth, Holland.

This was Lynn Ellingworth’s third EFAC and followed on the back of her win in the AFBH-R division at the World Field Archery Championships in South Africa last year. For Helen Kavanagh (VFBH-R), James Moloney (AMBH-R) and Dezi Kohen (VMBH-R) it was their first EFAC.

EFAC 2019 was a fantastic experience all-round. The organisers excelled in all aspects of hosting a tournament. Their attention to detail from administration (marshaling, online, and ceremonies) through to range building and use of the land around Castle Doorwerth (woodland and open fields) was immense. The Netherlands has set a very high bar for future tournaments.

IFAF were able to submit a Style Team in BHR comprising of Lynn, Helen and James, with Dezi as the reserve team member. Whilst our team was last (5th out of 5!) there was great camaraderie and pride in being able to compete as a team. Individually, both Lynn and Helen did well in their respective divisions. Lynn won the AFBH-R division by a massive 300 points. Helen received a bronze medal (her first IFAA medal!) for third place in the VFBH-R division. James and Dezi did well respectively in their own divisions.

Everyone is all set for more at the 2020 World Field Archery Championships in Estonia.