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Online Shoot Registration

No pre-payment is required when registering for the IFAF National Championships.

Online registration is purely intended to help the shoot organisers gauge numbers and shooting categories.

Current membership number required from Members and Guest archers
Please confirm the day(s) you will be in competing.
Young Adults can shoot as Adults if they so chose. Archers who are 55 years of age on or before the first day of the competition can choose to shoot as Veteran or Adult. Those aged 65 years of age can choose to shoot as Senior or Veteran or Adult. The choice is always optional and is not binding on subsequent competitions. Note, proof of age may be sought for a competitor in any division other than 'Adult'
Archers must check the requirements of their bow-style using the IFAA's rule book for all styles except IFAF-TR which is described in the IFAF Handbook.
Providing CLUB details helps support IFAF administration of Gains, Records and the League. Knowing where GUEST archers are from provides helpful information on IFAF's "Open Shoot" policy.