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Sport80 Online Membership System Rollout

Hi Everyone,

Its been a while since I sent you a message 😊

We are rolling out an online management system with our partners sport80

So I thought I would put together a little post about it and why we need to do it.

I did not know IFAF were working on this?

Well that’s my fault, I think I put everyone to sleep during the agm.

Warning!! there is a good chance this post will put you all to sleep again 😛

Why are we rolling out this system?

There are multiple reasons for this online system

  • We need to move to this system to grow IFAF. The manual process of…
    •  collecting forms.
    •  checking the forms.
      1. trying to read handwriting
      1. sending back forms that are not completely filled out
    • updating excel sheets
    • cross checking payments
    • printing membership cards
    • posting cards to members

 This process is massively time consuming and all manual processes are prone to delay and mistakes. The manual process is destined to fail at some time as IFAF grows.

  • GDPR

Our current system is an excel sheet stored on google docs. This is not ideal for multiple reasons.

We do limit access to it and do our best to be GPDR compliant. This online system allows you to have a log in and choose what data is stored, you are able to keep it up to date and access is far more granular.

Who are sport80?

Sport80 are the partner we have chosen for this system.

I was asked if I could set up a database myself. And the answer is I could. But the maintenance and security of an online system with personal data is a mammoth task. It would be a full-time job itself. And that’s just the database (the bit that stores the information) let alone all the website side of things.

Sport 80 are data processors.

Right, you might want to grab some coffee for this section.

Sport 80 store and process the data. They do NOT own that data. They can not use it for any other purpose than what IFAF instruct.

They cannot sell it

They cannot scan it for advertising etc.

They are GPDR compliant.

This is very different to the likes of facebook etc. granted you will have a profile for your membership on sports 80. But the big difference is that information will not be used for any other purpose.

Why have I not heard of sport80?

Their system is in the background, they are not customer facing. They provide the membership systems for NFAA, USA archery and archery GB. Which is a big reason we chose them ( copy the clever kids )


What are the benefits to the members/clubs/IFAF


The first benefit is your membership can be processed online. When it comes time to renew you can just login and pay your membership. And boom you are done!

Next we have the membership cards.

You will be able to store your membership card on an e wallet on your phone. No more waiting around for the post. And one less piece of plastic to end up in a landfill somewhere.

You can manage your data. If your phone number/address etc changes you can login and update your profile.

Your data is held securely and in a GDPR compliant manner.

For the clubs

Club committee members will be able to login and see the membership status and contact details of their IFAF affiliated members.


A big one is this system will allow IFAF to be GDPR compliant.

It will also enforce structure and processes around the organisation.

For example, to coach in Ireland by law you need to be garda vetted etc. This system will integrate these kinds of rules when issuing coaching licences. When cert expires then the licence will automatically be removed. It will remind you when the certs are going to expire so you can begin what ever process you need to before the expire date.

The manual processes for the treasurer will be reduced. A wise man once told me “don’t ever waste my time. It’s the one thing I cant make any more of”

Membership cards will no longer need to be printed and posted. Saving both time, money and environmental waste.

Data will be accurate. The data will be controlled by you. You will be able to correct any spelling mistakes etc.

What to expect.

This rollout will be done in phases.

Phase 1.

Adding clubs to the system

Clubs will be added with only basic information, well really just the name. I will put myself as the admin for each club.

Phase 2  

Members will be added.

You will receive an email from sport80 asking you to set your password. Please do this and check out your profile for any mistakes.

For family membership one member will be the “head of house” and have access to the other family members accounts. E.g. a parent will control their child’s account.

Members will be added to the clubs during this phase.

Phase 3

Club update.

Once all the members are added. I will hand over control of the club profiles to the relevant people and the clubs. They can then update the club details and view club members

Phase 4

New member portal

New members will be able to use this system as well by registering online. There are one or two extra checks that have to be done for new members.

Phase 5

e-membership cards

We will enable the e-membership cards (to be honest I will do this sometime after phase 2 ) but it is not a priority to get the system up and running.

Phase 6

Coaching rollout.

As stated, before coaches will be issues with a coaching licence once all necessary certifications are up to date.

I have no doubt that it will take some time to get use to. But it will be a huge benefit to IFAF and you in the future.