Irish Field Archery Federation

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How to setup your e-membership card


You will receive an email from Irish Field Archery Federation <>

the email will look like the following…

example email

For Apple/iphone users

  1. Click the ‘Download Membership‘ button on the email
  2. Once downloaded, click the ‘Add’ option in the top right
  3. You can now find your [licence/membership card] in the Wallet app

For Android Phone users

  1. Firstly, if you don’t have a pass wallet app on your smartphone, click the following link and install the Pass2u app:
  2. Once your app has installed, click the ‘Download [licence/membership card]’ button on the email.
  3. The Pass2u app will open and install the pass automatically

For members without a smart phone

A pdf will be attached to the email.

Simply print it out and cut to size.

If you have not received your email

Log in to the membership portal

Select your profile under Athletes

Select “Memberships” on the menu on the Left.

Click on your membership ( the Line circled in red )

The Membership dialog box will pop up.

scroll to the end of the screen and press the “Resend Membership Email” button

A new box will pop up.

Press “OK”

The email will appear in your inbox in a few minutes.