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IFAA level 1 • Instructors Course 2024

Congratulations to the new Level 1, Instructors who completed the of the IFAF/ IFAA Level 1 instructors course this weekend.

Level 1 Instructors, Day 1: Sunday 12th May and Level 1 Instructors, Day 2: Sunday 23rd June.

Dave Lester • South Cork Archers
William Sullivan • South Cork Archers
Maya Reynolds • Black Castle Archers, Thurles.
Jose Sanz • Laois Archery
Laura Cantero • Laois Archery
Mags Grupa • Laois Archery
Piotr Berlowski • South East Archers
Padraic Donnelly • Dunbrody Archers
Margaret Donnelly • Dunbrody Archers
Grace Donnelly • Dunbrody Archers
Luke Power • Dunbrody Archers
Ian Barry • Dunbrody Archers
Andrew Wayland • Dunbrody Archers
Anto Corcoran • Dunbrody Archers

Massive thanks due to Dunbrody & especially Helen Kavanagh for sorting the venue. Thank you to IFAF National Head Coach, Nick Anton, Level 3 Coach, Colleen Moore & to the Level 2s, Mark Daly & Dave Leigh who assisted.

Instructors List