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A twist on the usual report with information being presented as statistical analysis of the demographic of IFAF Members’ styles and divisions and overall achievement between 2010 and 2015 .


IFAA World Indoor Archery Mail Match (WIAMM)

The IFAA’s World Indoor Archery Mail Match grew from humble beginings in IFAF with just 10 people competing from one club that year. It was entered, in part, as an extention to the indoor mail match run within IFAF for clubs around the country during the ‘winter season’. Those competing in the WIAMM shot an extra 4 ends (20 arrows) to make-up the 60 arrows needed for the WIAMM.

In the 5 years that ensued the IMM, as it was originally know, exploded onto the scene peaking in 2013 with a massive 67 competitors regisered under IFAF. Its growth in popularity Ireland was mirrored around the world as more archers, representing more countries from the northern and southern hemisphers competed in the

The competition is valued and valuable on many levels. It is an ideal way to remain ‘bow fit’ during the winter months were inclement weather may otherwise impact and reduce ‘in the field’ practice. Its consistant format allows an archer to evaluate their own progression over the three rounds through practice and competion. Whilst year on year, it’s a great benchmarking excercise to measrue personal development. It is a fantastic way of keeping in touch with and motiviating friends and peers from other IFAA nations at a time when there is less chance of face-to-face competition and interaction on a range.

This year, the IFAA run its first Flint Outdooor Mail Match between June and September with great results achived by 8 IFAF members in terms of both medals and new IFAF Records in this round. This is a great start and if history is anything to go by is going to be equally successful and popular in Ireland and internationally