Irish Field Archery Federation

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Manage club affiliations

To manage club affiliations log in to sport 80.

On the top left hand side select the role dropdown ( it will currently show your name )

Now select your club from the drop down menu ( If you do not see your club listed you do not have the correct permissions to perform this task )

Select “Affiliations” from the left hand menu.

Here you have 2 options in the sub-menu. Blocks and Affiliations.


Blocks will block members from joining the club.

Ideally we do not want to do this. but if necessary…

Select blocks.

Enter the membership number of the individual and their membership type.

press the “+” icon.


The Affiliations menu will allow you top add a member or remove a member from the club.

To remove a member.

Select Affiliations.

Find the member to remove.

press the bin button.

To add a member

Select Affiliations.

enter the members membership number and date of birth.

Press the + button.