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Use Smart reports to monitor club membership

You can use smart reports to monitor your membership.

Log in to sport 80 and select the club profile.

select Athletes then list.

Enable the smart list feature by toggling the slider.

To create a customized view. select the 3 lines and select create view in the pop-up window.

update the name of the view by typing in the box labeled “Untitled View”.

Press the save button to save your changes

Next you will need to customize the columns in the view.

Select “Actions” from the top right.

Select Edit columns.

You can select 6 columns for the view and over 20 for the report.

Select your club from the menu on the left.

Select the fields you would like to view and have in the report.

Select Done.

Save the view again.

example view…

There is a summary at the bottom of the page regarding memberships