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Official UKIFAC practice rounds.

Dear Archers,

The clock is ticking and there’s time to focus on preparations for UKIFAC. After all, it’s a great chance for all of us to show ourselves at our best. Regardless of how you look at it, UKIFAC 2022 is the only international event of this format taking place here – locally.

It is therefore worth thinking about exploiting the opportunities and potential that lie within the clubs. Here we appeal to you as clubs to make your ranges available for official UKIFAC practice rounds.

The whole idea is to allow our archers to use your facilities to improve their skills for the upcoming competition. All you need is a range set up according to IFAA rule book e.g. where a club has enough space to set a 28 target course each half (1-14 and 15-28) should comprise of a Unit of targets as specified in the Rule book. If a portion of the range is set-up for Field/Hunter 14 targets are required to make the Unit, which will need to be shot twice to make up the Round.

This will also give you the opportunity to gain the necessary qualification for UKIFAC, just have the results from the official practice round sent to me (Marcin Malek) or Lynn Ellingworth at for publication.

Please note – Official practice rounds for UKIFAC are not eligible for Records, Gains or League points and they will not override calendared shoots. For example, they can be run on Staturday or on Sunday, where there is no calendared shoot.

If any club wishes to organise such an event, it will be listed in IFAF calendar as a non-calendar shoot. The rest of the rules as for the announcement of regular shoots – entry on the website, facebook and email to the members.

We would very much appreciate early notification of your desire to organize an official practice round. It is best to use the same application rules as for calendar events.

Supplementary resources:

Download the IFAA Book Of Rules from:

Document Required:

Book Of Rules – 2021

IFAA Book of Rules 2021 (04 April 2021 correction).pdf

Relevent section of the BOR:


A. Field Round [pg 47]

B. Hunter Round [pg 48]

If any club requires help or advice in this regard you are more than welcome to reach out to IFAF Commettee for asistance.