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Field and Hunter Rules


The Field and Hunter rounds must be shot in accordance with ARTICLE V – OFFICIAL ROUNDS in the IFAA’s Book of Rules

Championship Details

A 28 target Hunter and a 28 target Field round shall be shot.

The UKIFAC shall accept entries from all bowstyle, age and gender groups as set out within the IFAA Book of Rules. Only those styles set out in the IFAA Book of Rules shall be recognised by the UKIFAC.

Entry to individuals who are not members of one of the five UKIFAC associations may be accepted into the competition at the discretion of the host such individuals must be treated as guest and not part of the championship. These individuals MUST, however be a member of an IFAA association and in good standing with that association – it shall be for the host to verify that an individual meets these pre-conditions. All entrants of non-UKIFAC associations shall compete as guests.

Shooting Groups

  • Adults [all divisions]
    • Groups shall consist of no less than 3 and up to 6 adult archers.
  • Juniors
    • Groups shall consist of no less than 3 and up to 6 junior archers. If there are not enough juniors to make a group of any combination of styles they must be grouped with a parent or shooting “guardian” who shall be agreed before shooting commences.
  • Cubs
    • Unless cub minders are provided cubs shall shoot with a parent or a shooting “guardian” who shall be agreed before shooting commences. Groups must consist of at least 3 adult archers plus the cub/cubs. The group will be decided on the style of the parent or guardian not the cub. Cubs may not therefore be shooting head to head. Cubs do not count as scorers in a group. Multiple cub entries from one family will be split between the parents if possible.

Entry Standard

All archers entering the competition must be full members of the national association on whose behalf they are entering, it shall be the responsibility of the hosting nation to confirm that the entrant is a member of their respective association and is in good standing with them. All archers must have shot a minimum of two classification shoots in the 12 months prior to the competition and MUST present proof in the form of their membership/classification card issued by their association. Archers failing to produce documentary proof of membership/classification at the registration of the event WILL BE REFUSED ENTRY to the competition and will forfeit their entry fee.

In the case of any guest shooters granted admission to the competition the same conditions shall apply.

2022 Entry Standard Dispensation.

For UKIFAC 2022, the UKIFAC Committee has agreed to waive the Classification requirement because of the pandemic. The Committee accepts that archers may not have been able to shoot regularly and as such attain the minimum 2 Classification scores on their Classification/Scorecards for the stipulated time frame.

All Entrants will be required to present their national association Membership card and their Classification-Scorecard at Registration, even if there are no scores for Field/Hunter rounds recorded on it.

Competition Awards

In the case of any guest shooters granted admission to the competition the same conditions shall apply.

The title UK & Ireland Champion and a Champion patch shall be awarded in every division and style provided that there are more than two persons in that division. Where there is only one competitor in a style or division he/she must shoot a minimum of ‘B’ class scores based on the average of the two scores from both days of shooting to be declared Champion and receive the award.

All winners in Veteran, Cub and Junior bow styles shall be awarded the title UK & Ireland Champion and Champion patch irrespective of the number of persons in that division and shall not be subject to the style thresholds.

Class awards shall be awarded for the winners of ‘B’ and ‘C’ classes only.

Guest awards shall be awarded at the discretion of the host.

Team Competition

The host shall accept team entries from the national representatives on behalf of their member associations. Any team entry so submitted must be in writing, along with the appropriate fee as decided by the host, prior to the commencement of shooting on day 1. Entries submitted late will only be accepted on the unanimous vote of the other 4 nations.

Team Member Eligibility

Each member of the National Team shall:

  1. Be a registered member of the IFAA member association of that country and:
    a. Be a national of that country by birth or naturalisation, or
    b. Have resided in that country for a period of 90 consecutive days in the preceding twelve months
  2. Not have shot as a member of a National Team of another IFAA member association in the preceding twelve months.

Team Award

The host shall make an award to the winner of the team event. Runner up awards shall be at the discretion of the host.

Team Structure

Each nation may enter a team of up to six archers in the following styles:

1 x FU
1 x BU
1 x FS (Recurve or Compound)
1 x BB (Recurve or Compound)
1 x BH (Recurve or Compound)
1 x LB/HB

Each member of the National Team shall:

It is accepted that from year to year it may not be possible for all the nations to submit a full six person team and that reducing the team size and styles entered can be a matter of negotiation between the host and the team managers to reach a format to which everyone agrees with. In the event of a shortage, it is permitted for certain styles to ‘shoot up’ e.g. Recurve against Compound. However, it is not permitted to ‘shoot down’.

Archers in the Cub, Junior or Professional divisions will not be eligible for the team event.

UKIFAC Shooting Records

The UKIFAC is a record status shoot and as such all record scores shall be recorded and kept and shall be recognized as UKIFAC records. Up to date records will be made available at the competition for the information of the participants.

Protest Committee

A Protest Committee will consider and rule on all disputes and protests submitted at the tournament.

Protests must be submitted in writing, along with the appropriate fee as decided by the host, no later than one-hour after completion of that day’s shooting. All particulars of the protest, including witnesses to the incident, must be contained within the written submission, only the evidence in the written submission shall be considered. If the subject of the protest is an individual then that individual must be informed that a protest has been submitted in respect of them.

The Protest Committee shall only consider protests in relation to the Rules of Shooting. All other matters will be referred to the tournament host.

The Protest Committee shall hear all evidence submitted, eye witness, verbal or written, including any defense to the protest and shall make a decision based on the evidence and in the interest of natural justice. The outcome of their deliberations shall be given in writing.

In the case where the protest is upheld by the Protest Committee they shall have the power to make such judgements as they feel would adequately resolve the protest up to and including expulsion from the competition.

Where the protest is upheld the protest, fee shall be returned to the individual making the protest, if the protest is not upheld the fee shall be forfeit and shall go to the host nation of the tournament.

No person may submit a protest on behalf of another person.

No cub may submit a protest.

Protest Committee Structure

The Protest Committee shall be made up of 5 persons, one from each of the national associations who are currently members of the UKIFAC group. These can be the national representatives or such individuals as agreed and appointed by their national association.